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Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 97, som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve (Official Video)
Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve (Official Video)

Bars in

You must have a good beer, a game of billiards or just want to watch sports in a pleasant environment and in good company? Then you’ve come to the right category. For here we have compiled the best bars from Aarhus. Here you can sort the bars by the cheapness of their beer is and how well like bar. Once you have found an interesting bar, you can get extended information about it. Eg. you can see pictures from many of the bars, our rating of the bar in detail and much more.

Add your bar

Want to get your bar added to this site? You can get the added free if it is relevant to the page, and you can get a top ranking if you make a contribution to the continuing development of, which is a free service for young people and students in Denmark. Over 70,000 young people and students use this site every month.

  • Hjorten

    On a corner on Vesterbrogade in Aarhus is a bodega in the very best hunting style, named after the road it is on. There is not much to look at from the outside, so you will have to go inside to see how nice that is. When you get…

  • Bar Plata

    In the heart of Aarhus you will find a cocktail bar with a sense of charm and quality. You will find this bar at Klostertorvet 5 in Aarhus. The owners themselves describe the place as a versatile…

  • Peter Gift

    Peter Gift is a cafe and pub located on MP Bruuns Gade 28 in central Aarhus, and here the traditions are maintained. In 2006, they were able to celebrate their 100th anniversary, and the story begins…

  • Clemens Bar

    Aarhus is packed with good places in the city to go if you want to have a good shit. But if you feel you have become too old to take on e.g. Australian Bar, where many young high school students go,…

  • VinDanmark

    VinDanmark in Aarhus has an address on the coastal promenade 2 which is right next to the old marina. VinDanmark is a wine and tapas bar that has collected all kinds of wine in Aarhus. Here you will…

  • Hornsleth Bar

    Do you want a place where you find a combination of cocktail bar and nightclub where they run with good prices? Then Hornsleth Bar is definitely something for you and your friends! Hornsleth in Aarhus…

  • LA Tequila Bar – Aarhus

    Are you crazy about partying and colors? Then visit LA Tequila bar in Aarhus! The bar is designed for a Los Angeles resort and you can see a bamboo braided bar, surfboards, speedboats and sand on the…

  • Plan B – wine and tapas

    In the heart of beautiful Aarhus you will find Plan B – wine and tapas on Fredens Torv. The former Apple store has been transformed into a fancy wine and tapas bar. Plan B is a delicious little…

  • Alberts

    At Alberts you can have cocktails and special beers, located on Store Torv in one of Aarhus oldest cellars. The basement dates back to the 1300s, and the bar is named after Albert Thorup, who in the…

  • La Plage Deux

    La Plage Deux is a mix of a champagne and cocktail bar in the beautiful Aarhus. La Plage Deux must not be seen as a snob or pretentious place, which they try to show. They do this by creating a nice…

  • Zenza

    Zenza Cocktail Bar is one of the more extravagant places in Aarhus, with a high focus on service and quality. Both the drinks, the music and the many people in the bar go on a higher level. Their…

  • Pustervig

    Do you dream of going to a cocktail bar in Aarhus, which differs from the others, you should consider going to Pustervig. Here you will enjoy a delicious and delicious cocktail together with your…

  • Mr. Bartels

    Are you looking for a bar in Aarhus that can offer you something special? – Then go to Mr. Bartels, The bar is one of the newer places in Aarhus for those where you can enjoy a nice cocktail with your…

  • circus inn

    The circus is the place where life lives! This is probably the craziest bodega in all of Aarhus, in the cool way. There is stuffed with clowns. Over all. The bartender sometimes even follows the…

  • Café Guldhornene

    Cafe Guldhornene is one of Århus most festive bodegas! Here, there are always life and happy days, and this is the place where the city’s most celebrated bodegayers move their feet to…

  • Hunters Pub

    Are you a hunter for good beer and good football? Hunters Pub is an English-inspired pub or bodega, which has just the rustic style inside and out. If you only look at the facade would you believe…

  • LAVA Bar

    In the middle of Aarhus, right by the river, is the city’s hottest restaurant and bar. As an exuberant volcano that is erupting every day, flowing live music and warm atmosphere out the door. If you…

  • The Brick

    THE BRICK is the place where you can already start your evening kl.21.00 in cool, cozy surroundings with everything palate desires, while partying all night until the morning light, their D will no…

  • The Golden Lion Pub

    The Golden Lion is probably the cosiest and most authentic British pub in town. The Golden Lion epitomises the spirit of a traditional British pub. A meeting place for people from all walks of life.…

  • Headquarters

    Headquarters is your living room in the city, where you often can hear live music … -This Is where we serve coffee for a coin with a good book and free internet. It’s here, we fire the live music…

  • The beach bar

    The Beach Bar offers experiences for all ages, pampered and playing children!


    HOS ANDERS is an original bar and bodega in the center of the city of Aarhus. Here you meet people of all ages to socialize and party to live music.

  • University Baren

    University Baren is the university bar for all students and staff, but others are also welcome to experience – and contribute to – the good atmosphere in the bar.

  • Beefeater Pub

    Beefeater Pub is an English pub in VERI Center in Risskov, where the decor is kept in the classic English pub-style.

  • Flintstone Pub

    Come in and have some good memories of Flintstone Pub. Here you can meet with friends and get the brain cells to pub quiz as long as you can keep track of mind. When there is football on the telly you…

  • Sherlock Holmes Pub

    Sherlock Holmes Pub is a great English pub in Aarhus, which is almost always open.

  • The golden lion

    The golden lion is a real English pub in the heart of Aarhus.

  • Café Ris Ras

    Café Ris Ras (filliongongong) is a cozy and informal café with reasonable prices.

  • Waxies

    Waxies is a great place with beers from around the world, lounge, quiz night and live music. Waxies have free admission all day.

  • Tir na nog Irish house

    Tir na nog Irish house is characterized by lots of live music, sports and delicious beer.

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