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[Top] 139 Silkeborg – Aalborg (LIVE STREAM)

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 139 Silkeborg – Aalborg (LIVE STREAM), som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

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Silkeborg vs. Aalborg Free Live Online Streaming Details

Love led Ibrahim Moro to Silkeborg
In the short time, Ibrahim Moro game into which a new audience favorite at Mascot Park. The 22-year-old Ghanaian has with its quiet style of play given SIF a new dimension in midfield, where former AIK Stockholm player in the fight against AGF was named Man of the Match.

– We go to Denmark. Full stop.

There were bids by Ibrahim Moro. Several European clubs had chosen ghaneseren as a reinforcement in the just ended transfer window. Fortunately for SIF was ultimately Ibrahim Moro’s wife, who got the last word.

To understand the shift to Silkeborg, one must also try to understand Ibrahim Moro. The 22-year-old midfielder has in his career already tried some different things. From a family of eight, where there was great focus on getting an education was not in the cards that Ibrahim Moro was to become a professional footballer.

– My father found it difficult to accept that I chose to pursue my football career. He would have liked me to have an education. After some time he accepted it, however, and then he was in the stadium to all my games and has been a great support, says Moro.

The age of 19 he was brought to AIK Stockholm, after he had impressed the Swedes in a major tournament in their home country Ghana. The time in Sweden was a great success for Moro, which before the change came to be married to Pascale.

– The people ask often about. It’s also a great decision to get married at age 19. However, I had talked to other Ghanaians who had been left for abroad and they had all me to get hinterland in order before I left. And so we were married, says a big smiling Moro, who after three seasons in Sweden had been a hot name.

Kazakh disaster
It ended up being FC Kairat from the Kazakh league, which was the next destination for Ibrahim Moro. For ghaneseren seemed changed as a challenge, which could help to mature and develop talent that eventually in Sweden was about to stall. A challenge was also the Moro, who quickly had to realize that Kazakhstan was not as exotic and inviting.

– It was not a good time. They are apparently not so used to seeing black people on the edges, so it was sometimes uncomfortable, says Moro, who had come alone off to Kazakhstan. The wife had said from.

– She would not. She was not sure it would be good for us to stay there. She gave me permission to leave, as she moved back home to Ghana.

Nine months later it was over with Kazakhstan. Club and Moro agreed to terminate the contract. Instead, the Turkish Adana Demirspor, who got the pleasure of ghaneseren. Again, it was briefly. After a relegation was coffers empty, and Moros contract was terminated.

Back to Scandinavia
As out of contract player was all doors thus open for Moro, which is sometimes reminiscent of Chelsea’s signings N’Golo Kanté. It is at least the same virtues that apply to both players. With 11.53 km leg against AGF, he was also the track most active in the fight.

As the name Ibrahim Moro appears one day on Jesper Stükers office, it is to act quickly for Silkeborg. The interest is as big for the midfielder.

– We get the opportunity to look all his matches through. We place of course noticed that Moro has played almost every game for his club, which is a big plus in such a young age, says Stüker and continues:

– There was a lot of interest in Moro, so we could not get permission to get them for trial. It took a decision based on what we had seen on video, and the references that we had in him from elsewhere.

It was a yes to ghaneseren who chose family and security rather than a larger pay packet in other clubs. In the end, it was crucial that Ibrahim Moro’s wife Pascale wanted to Silkeborg and Denmark.

– Take to Denmark, she said to me. And so it was this, says Moro with a big smile.

Did you know that Ibrahim Moro …
– Was the father of her son Enzo over a year ago.
– Has a brother who is nearly to break through in French football.
– Has an excellent range shots. Check out Youtube for evidence!

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Silkeborg – Aalborg Live Denmark Superliga


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